Wood Products


Here are the different types of materials I use on the custom pieces that I make. This guide will give you the basic idea on the differences of the materials I use for making your custom pieces.

Solid Wood


Solid wood is an all-natural material that has been milled or cut directly from a  tree. Often considered the most highly prized form of wood, solid wood is considered both beautiful and durable. It tends to maintain its value over time and has an aesthetic appeal that creates a luxurious feeling. Because it’s made from real wood, each piece is unique. However, wood pieces also tend to be extremely heavy, and they can be especially susceptible to weather-related damage particularly in hot, dry or humid weather, which can lead to cracking and warping.


Wood veneer refers to thin slices of wood that are glued and pressed onto core panels which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as doors, tops and side panels for cabinets, wood flooring and more.

Veneer is created either by "peeling" the trunk of a tree or by slicing large rectangular blocks of wood. The appearance of the grain and figure in wood comes from slicing through the growth rings of a tree and its appearance varies depending on the angle at which the wood is sliced

Baltic Birch Plywood


Baltic Birch is a top-notch veneer core plywood type, which is a product native to the northeastern region of Europe around the Baltic Sea.


Baltic Birch plywood is made entirely from birch plies, with no softwood or filler plies in the center. Furthermore, the plies themselves tend to be much thinner, allowing for more plies for a given thickness, and greater stiffness and stability. The raw edge is attractive when finished and often used as a design element.


Particleboard Core panels are constructed similar to MDF Core panels, with the face & back veneers glued directly to the core.

These products are manufactured  using either finely ground wood particles or processed wood fibers to produce a board that is rigid, smooth, and uniform in thickness. While having respectable physical properties and overall strength, they are not as strong as veneer core.

Particle Core Plywood
Veneer Core Plywood


Veneer Core plywood consists of a center veneer and crossband veneers alternately layered on both sides of the center to the desired thickness producing an odd number of veneers for the core. The weight-bearing strength of Veneer Core plywood is excellent along with its bending strength and screw-hold ability. Veneer Core panels are lighter in weight than any other core type.