Commissioning a Custom piece of furniture is a fun and exciting opportunity for both the client and the maker. A unique custom piece of furniture tailored to a specific place, use and person doesn't only serve it's purpose perfectly but it also becomes a way to express oneself. When you commission a custom piece of furniture you transform your space from being just functional  into a unique expression of who you are and how you live. Most importantly, with custom furniture you can make it entirely your own. Rather than ‘making do’ of what's already available, if planned correctly, a custom piece of furniture can meet all your needs and the look and feel that you are looking for.


The Process and Guidelines on commissioning a custom piece of furniture are as follows.




Getting in touch is the first step taken in this process. Please contact us via email with the general information of what you're looking to get made.

On your email, please mention what kind of furniture you're looking for, the material choice you have in mind, any special note, finishes and dimensions of the piece. A reference photo, if available, would help us give you a better price range estimate for your custom piece.





Once we have the information about your custom piece, we will provide you a ballpark estimate. If the estimate is within your budget we can then proceed to finalize the price by deciding the final specification of the piece. Here, we will discuss the design details such as final dimensions, material choice (wood species, inlays, material type) design profiles, finishes and other necessary information needed.





Once the final price is approved, we can then proceed to the next step which is Drafting the working drawings.

Drawings are provided for every project and are subject for client’s approval before production. Drawing services are free of charge. However, we require a 10% non-refundable deposit, that would go towards the project payment, before we start any drawings or drafting.





Once  the drawings are approved by the client a 40% deposit will be required to put the project on production schedule. This deposit will be used to order some or all materials & hardware necessary to start the project.

Finish sample would be provided  before production starts and are subject to client's approval.

I currently work full time at a Toronto - based custom furniture shop, where I continue to learn and gain experience about woodworking, cabinetry and furniture making. Doing commissioned pieces are one of the ways I do to push myself to the limit and explore different challenges, ideas and ways to make things better. I enjoy doing commissioned pieces as it allows me to learn how to make better products through working closely with people who would use them and listening to what they need and what they want to express through their furniture pieces. 


For these reasons, I've made some guidelines to help me select & limit the amount of commissions that I take as I work on commissions on a one-at-a-time basis. This also allows me to ensure that the pieces I make, whether for the Company or Commissioned, are of the highest quality. If you wish to commission a piece, please read the terms and conditions carefully.